With right around 1.26 million visitors to Tasmania in 2017, it’s safe to say that Tasmania is indeed a popular tourist destination for Australians and international visitors alike. Although most International visitors may not be very familiar with this medium sized island 10 miles off the coast of Australia, it is anything but unpopular or unknown. With so much to offer by way of natural features, accommodations, tours, hotels, and its own unique atmosphere, Tasmania is by far an ideal destination for tourists from faraway place and regional visitors. Tassie, as Tasmania is fondly known by locals, is home to several diverse ecosystems and a variety of species found nowhere else in the world. The capital of Tasmania, Hobart, was originally founded in 1804 as a penal colony, but later grew following trends of economic growth because of one main factor; the Derwent River. Being that Hobart is located along the banks of the Derwent, this city was able to quickly gain notoriety as a major port and trading hub in its early years. Whaling, fishing, and shipbuilding played large roles in the expansion of Hobart during those times. Today the city stretches North to South along the banks of the Derwent with much to offer to its citizens and those on a quest to explore the fabled island. Exploring Hobart by water is arguably the best way to go, but even with countless boat charters and ferries available for seeing the sights, Hobart has far more to offer sight-seekers than what may be visible from the water. Among many other places to visit in Hobart, are coffee shops, ranging from quaint, turn of the century cafes, to modern, upscale franchises serving premium quality coffees from around the world. Kunanyi, known more recently as Mount Wellington, rises above Hobart and offers stunning views of Tasmania from its slopes and 1,271-meter summit. These are but a few of Hobart’s one of a kind attraction which never lose their value or attraction in the timeless city.

The number of visitors to Hobart in 2016 reiterated Tasmania’s reputation as a full-fledged tourist destination and rightfully so. With a total of 1.8 million visitors, Hobart exceeded both Perth and Canberra in the context of tourism while matching Brisbane with the number of travelers visiting the city. So apart from majestic mountain views, and world-class coffee in some of the coziest cafes south of the Equator, what on earth is bringing people to this city in droves? With so many unique and diverse features packed into one destination, it’s difficult to even begin, but we can start by noting some long-standing attractions no other place in the region can boast of. The Theatre Royal is not only Tasmania’s oldest and most prominent center for performing arts, it’s also the oldest Theatre in Australia. For lovers of theatre, and curious travelers alike, this is a place worth checking out. From stately theatres, to renowned public markets, Hobart is sure to inspire.