Ibiza is the party capital of Spain with its nightlife famous around the world. Revellers of all ages and nationalities flock to the bars and nightclubs to party until the early hours. Holidaymakers have everything they need in Ibiza from a developed tourist infrastructure to some of the nicest villas for rent in Spain catering to those looking for a bit of luxury. So if you’re planning to visit the hottest spot in the Balearic Islands, here’s how to prepare for the perfect holiday.

Know When You Want to Go

First, think about why you want to visit Ibiza. Do you want to go on a package holiday and soak up the sunrays, hit the nightclubs or are you looking for a cheap getaway? After all, the weather is sunny and warm year round.

Clubbing season starts in May and runs until October. This means the nightlife is super active during the summer and winds down to a fraction of its former self in winter. If you want to come here explicitly to party, you need to visit in peak season.

But, if you just want to relax and enjoy a few drinks rather than dancing until the early hours, November to April may be a better choice. Fewer tourists make the island feel less crowded, and the prices drop. Shops, bars and restaurants are open in the low season, but not as many as the summer.

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Research Where to Stay

The clubbing hotspots are in Ibiza Town, Playa d’en Bossa and San Antonio. If you’re here for the nightlife, find a place to stay here. Each is slightly different and you should read up on them to see the best place to stay. Not every tourist in Ibiza wants to party every night. For a more laid-back nightlife chilling out in the beachside bars, head to Santa Eulalia along the northeast coast.

Know the Best Places to Drink

Because the island gets millions of tourists, several bars, pubs and clubs line the tourist areas. The competition is high, which means different establishments have regular promotions. Some may have Happy Hour in the day while others have events and discount on certain days of the week. Don’t just stick to the same spot. Walk around and find the best deal to suit you and your needs. The odd euro saved here and there adds up and will pay for more things later in the holiday.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Yes, you’re probably in Ibiza to let your hair down and enjoy a few days of fun in the sun, but don’t go overboard. If you have a week on the island, what’s the point of spending half the time in bed or around the pool nursing a hangover? After all, you could do the same on a Sunday at home for a fraction of the cost of travelling all the way to Spain. Large amounts of alcohol in the hot sun leads to dehydration, short tempers and carelessness. This could mean losing your money, passport or getting yourself into trouble. Few good things can come from drinking as much as you can every day. Enjoy yourself and party, but do so in moderation.

Know What to Time to Turn Up at the Clubs

Be aware that most clubs open at midnight and close around 6:30 am. Few people turn up when they open their doors. The lines usually get long and busy between 1:30 and 3:00 am. On the more popular nights, you may be waiting up to an hour to get inside. If it’s the first night in Ibiza and you’re eager to hit the town, try to arrive a little earlier. So what if you have to wait half an hour inside for the crowds to come, at least you’re not standing in line bursting for the toilet!

Dress Codes

The good news for clubbers is that the clubs here rarely have a strict dress code. Revellers can usually turn up in whatever they want from slick shirts to casual shorts. Ibiza has a reputation for its laid-back approach and most nightclubs tend to be consistent with this way of thinking. But, not everywhere is like this. Some do have dress codes, and you should make sure you know before turning up and refused entry.

Have a Budget and Stick to it

We’ve all had the post-holiday blues and felt upset when we then realise how much money was actually spent on our trip. The entrance fees to some of the clubs can cost more than €40, and the drinks inside aren’t cheap either. Expect to pay at least €6 for a bottle of beer in most places, which will add up fast when you’re not careful. Give yourself a daily budget and only take that much out. You could always make the most of Happy Hours for pre-drinks rather than guzzling the expensive ones inside.

Explore the Island

Regardless of what type of holiday you want to have, don’t just stay at the resort or on the beach. Ibiza has beautiful spots along the coast, lots of culture, speed boats, parasailing and the chance to charter a yacht. It would be a shame to waste the opportunities.

Having a Great Holiday

If you plan your trip, give yourself a daily budget and avoid drinking too much while making the most of the different activities on the island, you’ll have a great trip to Ibiza. Make sure you don’t return home full of regrets!