Travelers have plenty of options for lodging these days, which is why it’s so important for hotel owners to have a keen sense of what they have to offer, in order to stay competitive. No matter how sophisticated a traveler may be, the fact is that the hotel they choose will be one that offers a range of features that will keep them coming back. Travelers need a place to rest that makes them feel comfortable, welcome, catered to, and also a bit pampered. All of these features will make them feel that their trip is exciting and worthwhile.

The Growth of Boutique Hotels, Worldwide

In years past, travelers had a choice for lodgings that might range either between chain motels (comfortable and basic, but with a lower price and few special features) or larger, luxury hotels. In the 1980s, however, the trend towards boutique style hotels really took off, as travelers looked for affordable lodgings that offered something a little more special.

Boutique style hotels, like the Hotel 115 in Christchurch, New Zealand, are smaller hotels (with around 150 to 200 rooms) that are large enough to accommodate a wide range of guests, but small enough to cater to a niche market, with particular tastes. Many of these hotels offer interior design styles that are much more unique and more exotic than the styles seen in larger chain hotels. All of this, like the christchurch accommodation nz offered at Hotel 115, can add up to a hotel stay that’s luxurious and truly enjoyable for the guest who needs a special home away from home. This is the type of luxury you can afford.

Great Amenities Geared Towards the Guest’s Tastes

Boutique hotels have the opportunity to cater more specifically to their clientele’s tastes, which makes the experience of staying at these hotels all the more enjoyable. Special perks like an on-site spa offering hot stone massages, organic facials, adjustments, manicures and pedicures and other luxurious treatments add a lot of value for customers.

As boutique style hotels become ever savvier in gearing their services towards the desires of their clientele, they are able to offer even more services that are fine-tuned to their customer’s needs. Some hotels offer features like free mini bar offerings specially curated to client’s needs, with mineral water, ice tea and organic chips put in place of alcoholic beverages.

Other services that keep hotel customers coming back include concierge travel services, like trips to notable local attractions (bus or boat tours to exciting local scenes) and walking tours. Hotels that can help their clients make arrangements to enjoy all an area has to offer will find that their customers appreciate the added value that service brings.

It’s clear that boutique hotels like the Hotel 115 are a flourishing part of today’s travel scene, and with good reason. Travelers today want a great value for their travel budget, and quality amenities are a perk that will keep customers coming back again and again.