Medical Tourism has evolved into the business to watch in the 21st century – particularly in South-East Asia. For a decade now, Eastern Asia has taken global control and now the Indonesian paradise Bali, wants to enter into this rewarding business venture. The business research company in India, RNCOS released a report which forecasted a yearly industry growth rate of 22% making it a hot market right now.

The Indonesian Island opened its first medical tourism facility, Bali International Medical Center (BIMC), Nusa Dua, a while back, built to have the aura of a spar or resort than a medical facility to mirror similar facilities in the area. This facility offers dental care, dialysis treatment, surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and patients get to save a lot of money as it is cost friendly when compared to other Medical tourist countries.

BIMC boasts of a 24-hour medical emergency passageway and places important attention on the privacy of its patients making it one of the best clinics where medical tourism in Bali is concerned. It also contains 50 beds to accommodate patients with a cancer treatment center and a therapy center. The team of specialists includes Americans, Swedish, Germans and other local members as well. BIMC has even collaborated with the close-by Courtyard by Marriott Bali, which gives particular after-mind administrations like special ordered meals and health programs for patients.

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Bali as a new ground for Medical Tourism
More vacationers are going to Indonesia than any time in recent memory. In 2016, the nation saw more than 11.5 million worldwide landings, an expansion of just about 13 for every penny from the earlier year and 22 for each penny from 2014. The larger part of these universal guests fly specifically to Bali. With billions of dollars in medicinal tourism income up for grabs in the area, it bodes well for nearby centers and human services suppliers to create approaches to benefit from these patterns.

The real interest in turning Bali into a medical tourist center is in progress. A champion among the most talked about endeavors is the recently opened Bali Mandara Hospital. Located in Sanur on the south-east side of the island, this hospital received support from the Australian government as well as assistance from the Australian medical center, Royal Darwin Hospital, which is advancing consultancy organizations to help Bali Manura Hospital accomplish overall measures.

The healing facility is prepared to suit 176 inpatients. It includes a coordinated tumor treatment focus and even a treatment community for beneficiaries to oblige the developing number of senior subjects going to the area for restorative purposes. Bali is already home to several world-class clinics like the Manika Aesthetic Clinic that offers rhinoplasty, facelifts, breast augmentation, Rejuvie Aesthetic and Anti-Aging clinic, Dnl skin center, Vietura Bali, Core Aesthetic and Wellness, Nu-Mi Aesthetic and wellness center to mention a few

Another place of interest in the emerging health tourism in Indonesia is
Bali Weight Loss Retreat. It is a complete program and organization dedicated to weight loss management and services.

Bringing Luxury into Healthcare
Bali has already made its name as a favorite luxurious holiday destination. Five-star tourist centers, indulgent pleasure-seeking spa treatments, and high-class dinners are the norms to expect. It just bodes well for the nearby doctor’s facilities and centers to adopt an extravagance strategy to healthcare as well.

Indeed, that is exactly what attracts numerous global patients to Bali. A large number of the centers and opening in Bali look and feel more like a spa than a healing facility.

Josef Woodman, President of Healthy travel media and author of Patients beyond Borders made a statement that though Bali has made commendable efforts by putting in place ultra-modern facilities, entering and making progress in a market where global International Hospitals already exist will be a difficult feat to achieve, He further indicated that as a beginner, the island will face serious opponents from close-by worldwide International Hospitals in Singapore, esteemed medical hospitals in Kuala Lumpur, the exceptional medical tourism center in Bangkok and Manila.