Every country reserves the right of entry to foreign nationals. This privilege of allowance to foreign nationals in the country is a visa .Traditionally, you have to apply in the embassy of Sri Lanka for which visa you are applying. You have to be present physically for an interview to the competent authorities and satisfy them with your valid reason for travelling to their country. Now you just need to visit visit-sri-lanka.net/de and read the instructions before applying for the visa applications. Fill the application form, pay the fees and you will get the visa within 72 hours on your mail id.

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Things to remember before filling up the visa application form

You are supposed to ensure the immigration authorities that you are competent enough to pay for all the expenses made by you during your stay in the country. You are also in possession of return ticket to the starting point of your journey.

You should not be in possession of any gainful or honorary job or trade other than mentioned in your visa application form. You must ensure that you are ready to pay the required visa fees after filling up the form. You further understand that a fee deposited by you is neither refundable nor transferable.

If you are using the website, you are giving your consent to immigration authorities to communicate to you either by the electronic or non-electronic method.  Last but not least, you undertake that whatever information is provided by you is true to the best of your knowledge and belief.

You must carry the same passport with you while travelling to Sri Lanka which you mentioned in your visa application form. As the eta visa allows, the passport holder bearing the number mentioned in the eta permission to travel and reside in Sri Lanka for a maximum of 28 days. If you do not possess the same passport then your travel to the country may be considered illegal and may attract deportation back to your country immediately.