Auckland is a delectable, incredibly distant, beckoning living city on the other end of the Earth. It is a bright bubbling mixture of skyscrapers and endless green fields with an ideal lawn, serene tranquility and labor activity, the residence of people from all continents beginning from South America to the extreme point of East Asia. It does not resemble anyone, it develops and grows far from the main civilization and therefore has its own unique character.

What places will be perfect for a family rest? Let’s look on the possible variants:

If you go to Oakland with children, then be sure to visit the local zoo, which is considered here as one of the best attractions of the city. A ticket to the Auckland Zoo will cost from $20 – 28 NZD per person. You will not see such birds anywhere else! Most of the presented ones are endemic that is these species live only in this area. All kinds of colors and, lions under the open sky and almost in a natural environment… Not only children, but adults will “open their mouths”!

Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter & Underwater World is the second place you should pay a visit. It is the center of Antarctic animal research with a museum dedicated to the first explorers of Antarctica. In addition, there is a great underground museum-aquarium with caves, tunnels and underwater reefs. Here live sharks, rays, piranhas, octopuses and hundreds of other marine inhabitants. Moreover, you can move around the museum on a flat tape of the escalator or in tiny trailers. Especially popular in the Underwater World is the Arctic part, an ice town, built for the royal penguins. Do not miss the local cafe, a giant window in which is built right into the aquarium. You should pay for ticket about $28 – 39 NZD on site for a person, while online it costs $22 – 31 NZD.

Rainbow’s End theme park is an amazing children’s amusement park with a bunch of attractions, carousels and roller coasters of varying degrees of intimidation. Here you can jump on the boat through the waterfall, to sneak into the abyss from the 18-storeyed Tower of Fear, rush on the map along a winding road, play golf and infiltrate a spaceship.

The most “sweet” place in Auckland is, of course, the Chocolate Factory Cadbury. To attend the world-famous can everybody – you can order a special tour, during which you can get acquainted with the technology of chocolate production and try the most popular delicacy in the world. And after a tour in its company store you can buy any sort of chocolate Cadbury at a special price! Today the factory has dozens of branches around the world. Besides, it is a fully automated enterprise using the latest technologies in its work.

As you can see, Auckland provides a variety of different attractions for every taste interesting for children, young people and adults.

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