The title of this article may come across as somewhat flippant, but there truly is something magical about Morocco.

Perhaps that explains why, when you get talking to people at a poolside bar or even on the flight over, you discover just how many have already visited and fallen in love with this country already.

In some ways it’s quite strange, and it is certainly unique – I can’t think of anywhere I have holidayed to where so many of the people I met were back for the second, third – even tenth time!

Here, I think, are some of the reasons behind this phenomenon. Here, I feel, lies some of the true magic of Morocco.

The Leather Bazaar in Old Fes

The city of Fes has a number of attractions – it is not called the country’s cultural capital for no reason – but one stands out from the crowd.

If you go to Fes, and quite frankly, you really should, then take the time to check out its famous leather markets.

Now, a leather market may not jump out at you as a number one holiday destination, but the old leather bazaars in Fes are amazing. Most old cities full of history – think Rome, London, Athens – much of that history lays in ruins or preserved in museums.

The leather bazaar in old Fes is different. It has been in continual use since it was founded back in Medieval times, and very little has changed since it opened, making it a unique piece of living history.

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Jamaa el Fna in Marrakech

When visiting a city for the first time, many people want to visit what would be considered the beating heart of the city. In New York, this could be Times Square for instance, in London Piccadilly Circus.

In Marrakech it’s Jamaa el Fna, and it is magnificent. This wide-open space is home during the day to such eclectic entertainment as traditional snake charmers, magic shows and dancers. As night falls, the entertainers pack up and an incredible food market sets up, selling some of the freshest and tastiest food you will find in the city.

Relax in Chefchaouen

Going to the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the noise and crowds of Jamaa el Fna, we find the small town of Chefchaouen. This place really goes a long way to highlighting the great and extreme differences that can be found in Morocco.

This small town up in the heart of the Rif Mountains is as relaxing a place as you will hope to find. Nowhere is this more true than the Old Town section of Chefchaouen, where you will find that everything – floors and walls – are painted a vibrant but very relaxing sky blue.

If you should ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed at any point of your stay, a few hours wondering the quiet, blue alleyways and streets of Chefchaouen is a great way to recharge your batteries.

Sleep in the Sahara

Every country that has access to an area of outstanding natural beauty will of course make use of it, and Morocco has the Sahara desert, perhaps the most famous desert in the world.

It is of course possible to go out and explore it – though for God’s sake take a guide! For a true desert experience, choose a camel train and sleep overnight in Bedouin tents. The sense of isolation is truly breathtaking, and an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

It’s Safe

A caveat to this final entry – Morocco is safe in that it is no more dangerous than many other holiday destinations.

The UK Foreign Office caused controversy when it raised the risk of a terror attack to High in 2016, despite the fact that around 500,000 Brits holiday in Morocco every year, and 99.9% have no problems at all.

Yes, the terror risk does stand at “High” – but it also stands at “High” or “probable” in the UK itself, not to mention a host of other countries such as France, Spain & Australia. If you’re not put off visiting those countries, you should feel the same about Morocco.