After Independence, India has advanced a lot in many ways. India has advanced technologically. People have become more broad-minded and are open to change. There is less discrimination regarding gender. LGBTs relationship is officially accepted in India now. After this major step taken by the government, there has been an extensive scope for LGBT community friendly tourism in India.

All of us like to explore new places. So do the gay men. We all would love to visit a place only if the atmosphere there is welcoming. There are a few places which are very friendly and welcoming towards the LGBT community. They are as follows.

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This is the most visited tourist destinations in India. It welcomes all kinds of people to enjoy the beach irrespective of gender and sexual preference. People from all over the place come here to spend some quality time. Therefore people here are generally more open-minded, and they accept any kind of culture. There are many gay- friendly hotels too in Goa.

New Delhi

This is the capital city of India. People in this city are also quite broad-minded, and they accept tourists of any gender or sexual preference. You can see the spectacular red fort, The Rashtrapati Bhavan, the India Gate and the ever-crowded Chandini Chowk market is undoubtedly the best place for gay men.


Agra is the city that houses the iconic Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal symbolizes love. Any kind of lovers is always welcome in this place. It is a must visit place for any kind of lovers. The famous Agra fort is also located in Agra. If you travel by Mumbai to Delhi flights and reach Delhi, you can visit both New Delhi and Agra. Always remember to book your Mumbai to Delhi flights online to avail awesome discounts.


This is a city which witnesses a lot of diversity. People here are multicultural and are open to diverse ideas. Due to the LGBT protests in this city, this city is called the gay capital of India. The bars and pubs here will ensure you the best night life. They even have gay-friendly hotels here. So, Mumbai is surely one of the places that have to be visited by gay couples.


If you and your partner love adventure, do not let go Ladakh. You can take a bike ride through Kardungla-pass. It will be an experience worth it. Undoubtedly, put Ladakh on your list of destinations you want to visit with your partner.


Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India. It is one of the progressive cities in India. People here are surely broad-minded. There are many pubs which are very welcoming towards their gay customers. Even the workplaces in this city are LGBT friendly.  There are many places in and around Bangalore that are surely a must visit.


This is another beautiful city of India, which is supportive of any sexuality. In 2014, when the Supreme Court of India had considered homosexuality a crime, people of this city had protested in favour of the homosexual community. It also hosts India’s oldest LGBT film festival every year.

So friends, now that you know where exactly to go on India, start traveling with your partner.