“Where to in the US next,” one may ask. Here are some suggestions on what to explore in Phoenix, Arizona. Known as the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix has an average temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If the hot and dry season intimidates is desirable then there’s a lot in store for adventurers young and old alike.

Here are the top eight places to see and activities to look forward to in Phoenix

Roosevelt Row Street Art

This is a great Instagram stop during daytime in Phoenix— the home of the best street art in Arizona. Art enthusiast or not, one couldn’t help but be amazed at the scenery the street arts have to offer.

Camelback Mountain

The best thing to do is to start climbing at dawn in order to avoid the scorching heat. Veteran climbers know that the 2704 foot climb can be really difficult for novices when it is combined with the sweltering Arizona heat. Both the Echo Canyon and Cholla Trail can be quite an interesting trek for any traveler.

First Friday Street Dance Party

As the name implies, Phoenix has a certain district that has street parties every first Friday of the month. They have it all— from food trucks, to live music, to street exhibitions, and open art galleries. It is truly a cultural festival for those wanting to discover the Phoenix night lift.

Goat Yoga

Baby goats (lots of them) will cuddle and hop and hop on tourists while they do Vinyasa or Downward Facing Dog for $15. Be prepared for the smell, though, as expected of a goat farm!

This is a unique experience since it is not every time that someone doing yoga can experience this. Baby goats are there to provide a truly unique experience.

What if I’m Not American?

One of the rather unfortunate details of the USA is that there are very few countries that are granted visa-free status. What this means is that most foreigners must apply to get a USA VISA.

It’s hard to get a USA VISA for most people because the USA imposes strict requirements before it will allow someone to enter their country. So let’s take a break for a bit to think about how to get a VISA to see all the events here. It is quite costly to go through the process of obtaining one, so it might be worth your time to get a USA ESTA first.


Esta is an electronic system to confirm if the applicant is eligible for a visa. In other words, you check Esta before you apply for a Visa to make sure you are likely to obtain one in the first place.   

There is no point going through the hassle of applying for a USA Visa if, as it turns out you weren’t qualified anyway.

Now the laws related to Visas are complex and difficult to unwind. So much so that usually you would want a veteran lawyer to advise you of the process. But since you want to save money check USA Esta to see if you can even get the chance to get that USA VISA.

Hopefully, this can help ease the process. That being said let’s continue to cover the best possible spots in Phoenix.

Phoenix Art Museum

The exhibits vary throughout the year, but it’s worth the wait. For $18 you can go a long way— from different exhibits to access to Palette, featuring local cuisine from local farmers. In other words, food and art mix in this museum.

Hot Air Balloons

These will offer you a bird’s eye view of the city. Remember how Mr. Bean brought his teddy around London? You might experience the same, plus the added wow factor of Arizona’s landscapes. Of course, this is something for those with a sense of adventure since it isn’t for the faint of heart.  

Trip to Sedona

This is a two-hour car ride away from Phoenix, but the breathtaking red rocks make it all worth it! It is rare treat to see the rock formations that have made Arizona a tourist hotspot. As an added bonus imagine that these are the same rock formations that the first nations used to cross in their traditional buffalo hunts.

Pool Parties

With free drinks, DJ’s and locals and tourists alike looking to beat the Arizona heat, you will always reminisce the fun and excitement of these parties. After all the sun is almost always up in Arizona. A pool party would be a great chance to catch some sun while cooling off when it gets too hot.